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From patient onboarding to pharmacy management

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Appointment scheduling, follow-ups, and reminders

Digital patient intake forms

Easy, HIPAA compliant video and documents sharing

Prescriptions, orders, and pharmacy integrations

Inside Labriut

Providing Best Features

Digital Intake Form

Labriut takes patients through medical relevant questionnaire sessions prior to any new visits that contain questions similar to what doctors ask.

  • Clinical AI platform for faster documentation
  • Dynamic clinical pathways considering patient's complaints, reasons for the visit, and practice workflows
  • Multilingual support

Labriut creates the EHR with a concise clinical note including the patient's history of illness, RoS, allergies, social and family histories.

  • Reduce patient engagement time by 80% and gain patient volume by 30%
  • Focus on the patient rather than typing notes by capturing 90% of patient history beforehand
  • Reduction in overhead and errors in medical records

Providing Best Features

Appointment Booking and Scheduling

Labriut allows creating quick and convenient self-scheduling appointments round the clock for patients.

  • Plan, book, modify or cancel appointments anytime from anywhere.
  • Choose doctors as per personal preferences such as location, language spoken, etc.
  • Get automatic reminders on scheduled appointments, follow-ups, and much more

Doctors get hassle-free and easy patient-connect experiences with the click of a single button.

  • Reduction in no-shows rates to 50%
  • Maintain a steady stream of incoming appointments, from new and existing patients
  • Leverage a feature-rich calendar for seamless management of appointments

Providing Best Features

Advanced EMR Dashboard For Doctors

Labriut brings a holistic view of current and historical records for a seamless patient engagement.

  • AI-based patient intake for faster visit documentation
  • Vitals tracking and chronic care management (CCM) for easy access to past and present health information
  • Access patient health records and generate SOAP notes during video sessions to help with diagnosis
  • CPOE (computerized physician order entry) for prescribing medications and other treatment instructions
  • Get scheduled appointments and other data for a glimpse of daily consultations
  • Easy access to patient records and for tracking vitals and other health parameters
  • Create, send or print signed prescriptions or reports during appointments to share with pharmacies and laboratories

Providing Best Services

How Labriut Helps Patients!

  • Digital intake process through questionnaire sessions, thereby reducing the paperwork and time consumed.
  • Find doctors based on personal preferences such as location, languages spoken, hospitals, and furthermore.

Store family medical records and create appointments for any family members under a single profile by creating a link to connect them with doctors.

  • Upload and save all health records and documents and get seamless access to prescriptions, orders, and reports.
  • Integrations with multiple pharmacies and laboratories for easy pharmaceutical deliveries and constant health record collection.
  • Smart alerts and reminders to get notified about their scheduled and follow-up appointments, pills, and more.

More secure for more data

HIPAA Compliance


ICD - 10

SSL Secure Connection

Everything you need to run an end-to-end virtual clinic

A virtual reality connecting the world to healthcare.

  • 01

    Session encounter data and secure treatment SOAP notes easily exported via CCR for integration with all EMR and EHR systems.

  • 02

    Designed to help any current practice workflows stay organized, relevant, and up-to-date.

  • 03

    Patient information under one roof in an easy-to-read and manageable digital format.

  • 04

    Virtual waiting rooms for early check-in of doctors and patients until the session begins.